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determination. >> thank you. >> okay, a couple of things have been become clear to me through this process. first of all, i have felt and still feel that the staff did a very nice job with these. because this is a difficult issue. and we have been trying very hard over the course of quite a while to come up with regulations that we think work, that comport with our view and responsibilities. and take in part what the task force feels is necessary. i think that the staff has done a great job with that. and i appreciate that. that said, when you are doing regulations. it's a complicated process. you hear from the public. you learn things that may alter how one may want, how one may want these regulations to look.
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so i think we should go back and rework parts of this. i am not certain that it makes sense at this point to pass what we have and amend. i think we should work a little more and revise. so we have something that takes into account some of the issues that have been raised. so my recommendation is that the commissioners, we go through the rest just for the commissioners to identify specific areas of concerns they had. because we can't share them unless we do them at this meeting. so i think that would be helpful. >> i am fine with that process. but we could convey them to the staff. that they are issues that we would raise. so they can anticipate and prepare them if you are thinking we would do this without
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discussion. if you want to have discussion among us. >> i am not sure how much change.5รก
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i know you answered to david
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black let me share with you that that analysis shows that you exceeded your authority on ethics commission. are you going to do it again by adopting proposed regulations that are not well thought out and that you may exceed your authority under this charter? won't your appointment be looked down upon by exceeding your authority? mr. weener cannot possibly not find the same result in your behavior. hello again. just a couple of
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simple points. i didn't find any statute of limitations in reading of sunshine ordinance. if you can find one i'd like to get the education direction from you. number two, the sunshine ordinance is all about the first commandment right of citizens. this really matters to us in san francisco. it's beyond a freedom of speech issue. it's also a freedom of access issue. for instance, when we're dealing with the majors public housing commission, the san francisco housing authority. president and chairman, this is a federal body and we went to hud in washington d.c. and hud said that's not awe federal body.

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